Post Testimonial is the sections where employers can share their views and comments about our website and let the universe know about our services and their experience with us.


  Only employers are eligible to post testimonials.


 Testimonials can be viewed by all the visitors of the website.


 You can see job applications for both active and inactive jobs by clicking on to “Manage Jobs” in the menu bar.


 You can deactivate an active job by choosing the “deactivate” available under “Set as” under every job posting.


 Yes, you can repost an active job. You also have an option to edit the job description before reposting by clicking on to “Edit Job” below the job description.


 You can view applications by downloading them using the “Download Resume” option at the bottom of the page.


 Yes, you can see the posted date for inactive jobs just below the header of the job title.


 For applications received on job posting, employers can select the application/applications and click on “shortlist candidates”. These applications would move to the shortlisted candidates section on the dashboard.


For applications searched via “UJ Resume Search” you can select the resumes and click on “shortlist candidates” at the bottom. Selected resumes would be moved to “shortlisted candidates” section available on the dashboard. While short-listing resumes from “UJ Resume Search” even if the contact information is not viewed it would deduct count from resume download limit.


 You can delete resume in two ways— individually by clicking on the X- button and collectively by selecting the check boxes and deleting with your choice with the options below.


 Reports tell you about your present subscription status, usage of job postings, resume searches, resume downloads, etc. from the day you create your account till the present date. You can generate reports on an annual, half-early, quarterly, weekly and present day basis.


 Under the dashboard the last option gives you access to view and download Reports. You can choose the duration from the options provided in the list box and opt for either view or download.


 A report comprises of the following data:

  • Active Job Post with validity

  • Resume Search access with validity

  • Branding services available with validity

  • Invoice details


 To create folders:

Step 1: Go to manage folders from the dashboard

Step 2: Click on create folder

Step 3: Add name of the folder and click on Create Now.

Your folder is created and ready to be used.


Ans: You can move applications to the folders while sorting the applications by clicking on move to folder for the selected applications. Similarly you can move job seekers searched from the UJ Resume Search to folders by clicking on “move to folder” for selected job seekers.

Note: Job seekers whose contact information hasn’t been viewed by employer but have moved resume to folder would deduct count of resume downloaded.


 After sorting candidates in the “Manage Folders” tab, you can download resumes by clicking on “Download Resume”.


 Message Template is the most convenient way to send messages to the candidates. You can create your own template using our editor wizard to send customized mails to jobseekers.


 By clicking on message templates the website would take you to message template section where you can create or customized message templates. You can also edit previously created templates.

You can use these templates to send a message to candidates who have applied for the job.


  You can delete message template both individually or collectively, by clicking on to the X marked beside the template.


 Message template can contain job description, roles, responsibility or any relevant information that you want the jobseeker to know to best of your interest.


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