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A resume portrays a professional and successful image of a person. You as a jobseeker can only undermine its importance at your own peril. Let us find out more about this potent tool to be used on Job Search Websites, and see for ourselves how just a page of paper helps you land the desired job.

Resume fast facts

The resume

  • Communicates your major strengths, skills, accomplishments and future potential
  • Shows your value to the prospective employer
  • Helps you with the entire process of job search, interview and possible hiring


  • Gets you the interview in the first place
  • Reminds the interviewer about you
  • Justifies the hiring decision in the new organization

The recommended format

Reverse chronological order – stating experience, jobs, and dates in reverse order beginning with the most recent.

Writing tips

  • One page resume suffices in most cases
  • Visualize the ideal candidate for the job and try to match his / her attributes, features, skills, traits and strengths
  • This would require a unique resume for each job position, also layout the information in a certain order of interest for the targeted reader
  • Never ever lie in a resume as the background checks will expose you and damage your credibility
  • Advertise your abilities, without sounding immodest
  • Avoid paragraphs, instead use concise phrases with bullets, and be consistent in tense, use action verbs, double proof‐read for typing, the copy should be free of grammatical and spelling errors.
  • Include references
  • Have a catchy, descriptive title to grab the interviewer’s attention
  • Showcase key - achievements

Consider these when you apply for jobs online

  • Judiciously use key words and phrases for a successful online job search
  • You need to mention critical job skills early and often, but not overstuff your CV with them. The software program then perceives them to be both recent and frequent experience
  • Network aggressively so that your application can be routed internally for unadvertised job positions, in addition to social media networking
  • Attach a cover letter to the resume as and when required

And last but not the least seek professional help in drafting a professional resume - if required, after all it is the key to your dream job.

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